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14 June 2024

Volg het EK op de voet!

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After the success of the previous competition with the Word Cup, I am now introducing a new competition for the EURO 2024 in Germany. As with the previous competition, participation is completely free!


Competition starts in

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Any prediction can be adjusted up to 15 minutes before the start of the match.


You get points when you pick the right team but you get additional points if you predicted the exact result.

Bonus Questions

By answering bonus questions correctly, you can score extra points. The points can differ per question.

Supporters all present!

30 days of football fun

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You can play along for glory or you can play for prizes. If you play for prizes, you will only be put in the prize group from the moment your registration is complete. 

Play for glory

  • Predict matches
  • Predict bonus questions
  • Prize

Play for prizes

  • Predict matches
  • Predict bonus questions
  • Prize

Read the rules here


Frequently Asked Questions

You need to enter a valid registration code, you ask the person who sent you the website, he/she can request a unique registration code.

Of course you are completely free in this, at registration you can choose in which competition you want to participate. If you change your mind before the tournament starts, you can still be transferred to the other competition.

No, the website is made so that you can enter the matches up to 15 minutes before the start. This allows you to anticipate, for example, an injury and/or red card.

Please note: most bonus questions needs to be completed before the tournament begins.